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Olivia Burton Watches / Wishlist

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I know Michael Kors is the watch that everyone wants at the moment, and they are gorgeous, but I’ve had my Michael Kors watch for nearly four years now and seeing the amount of people with similar watches slowly creep up over the years means I rarely wear mine anymore. It sounds silly but when I first had it, hardly anyone had heard of them and people were always stunned by it! Now it’s just another watch that every girl has.

I have a small Olivia Burton I got for my birthday that I love, so I decided to have a little browse at Olivia Burton watches and was surprised by how gorgeous they are! There isn’t a huge selection, either on the Olivia Burton website or ASOS, but I want them all! I’m very tempted to buy the bee one, it’s in my basket just waiting for payday! If I could, I’d buy them all and wear one each day but it’s a little out of my price range. That said, these are all under £100 which is amazing for a good watch!

Olivia Burton Watch Wishlist

From left to right, the watches can be found
Gold bee
Rose gold
White and rose gold
Dusty pink
Mint green

Do you think Michael Kors has lost it’s appeal now everyone has them or am I being a bit of a snob? I really wish I didn’t feel that way but I do haha! Which is your favourite Olivia Burton watch?

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