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Forage and Find Vintage Jewellery Wishlist

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I came across Forage And Find through twitter, and fell completely in love with their jewellery. Unique, intricate vintage jewellery with the cutest designs ever! You know they’re one off as well because they use vintage clocks and jewellery and add their own spin on it, so no bumping into a hundred girls with the same necklace as you. There’s something for everyone’s price range, with necklaces from as little as £8! I’m beyond skint at the moment but I’ve made a wish list of all the necklaces I would buy if I could, and I will definitely be treating myself to one when I get paid. The fox and moon necklace is my favourite, it looks like a gorgeous little trinket passed down generations. So adorable!

Forage and find jewellery



Outfit of the day

My first outfit of the day post 🙂

I love wearing oversized jumpers and boyfriend/ mom jeans but I don’t want to look like a bag so I try compromise some of my outfit to look a bit more girly, which I’ve done here with the baby pink coat and chunky boots.

Pink boyfriend coat from Debenhams (thanks to the boyfriends mum!)
Electric blue jumper from Topshop last year
Boyfriend jeans from USC
Burgundy heeled boots from New Look

Shiny face from my annoying genetics!

How To Wear a Pink Coat


Sale Buy / Urban Outfitters Vintage Jewellery Stand

I’m not a big jewellery wearer. Not because I don’t love it, because I do, and I have plenty of it, but because I can never be bothered to sort through my piles of tangled jewellery to find something I am in the mood for. Way more effort than it’s worth! I’ve been wanting a jewellery stand for a while but I hadn’t made any attempts to find one. It was only New Year’s morning that I decided to have a look online. I was still half drunk, my boyfriend was asleep, and my card was in easy reach of my bed. What choice did I have?

I had found a free shipping code for Urban Outfitters and wanted to take advantage of this so went straight to their website. There are actually a few really gorgeous stands in their sale. One was a gold bird cage stand for £6 which tempted me, but with no hooks I figured instead of my jewellery being an unorganised mess in a box, it would just be an unorganised mess in a pretty cage. It was pretty painful tearing myself away from the ‘add to bag’ button but I managed it, and came across this pretty little vintage stand. With hooks for necklaces and a tray for rings, all for only a fiver, I literally (sorta) couldn’t resist!

Urban Outfitters Vintage Jewellery Stand


The Black Heeled Boot

I’m a trainer girl at heart. Up until recently, you’d be pushed to find me wearing anything other than my inkkas or airmax. However, I am completely crushing on heeled boots at the moment! My boyfriend got me a pair for Christmas (no sign of hinting, just a quick send of the link) and I bought a pair in the New Look sale yesterday as well. Oops. They just go so well with everything! My standard look is boyfriend or mom jeans and an oversized jumper, and wearing boots with them means I look more glam than man, and they add a touch of edge to more feminine outfits like playsuits and dresses.

Top 5 Black Heeled Chunky Boots



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Topshop Wishlist

If I was to describe my everyday style, it would be oversized and grungy. I don’t think I suit really girly or glam outfits, and when I do put an effort in to look chic I always get a dozen remarks on how ‘nice’ I look. Err, thanks guys. So I decided to make a dream outfit that I would feel comfortable in but still look elegant.

1. Coral Wool Boyfriend Coat £98 2.Petite Bead Necklace Lace Crop £28 3. Mike Brow Round Sunglasses £14 4. White MERCURY Lace Up Cut Out Boots £45 5.MOTO Bleach Acid Mom Jeans £40 6.Ditsy V Band Rings £5.50 7.Two Pack Point And Twist Midi Rings £6.50 8. Plain Pinky Ring £4.50 9. Heart Christening Bangle £60 10. Structured Colour Block Tote £95 (more…)