Topshop Wishlist

If I was to describe my everyday style, it would be oversized and grungy. I don’t think I suit really girly or glam outfits, and when I do put an effort in to look chic I always get a dozen remarks on how ‘nice’ I look. Err, thanks guys. So I decided to make a dream outfit that I would feel comfortable in but still look elegant.

1. Coral Wool Boyfriend Coat £98 2.Petite Bead Necklace Lace Crop £28 3. Mike Brow Round Sunglasses £14 4. White MERCURY Lace Up Cut Out Boots £45 5.MOTO Bleach Acid Mom Jeans £40 6.Ditsy V Band Rings £5.50 7.Two Pack Point And Twist Midi Rings £6.50 8. Plain Pinky Ring £4.50 9. Heart Christening Bangle £60 10. Structured Colour Block Tote £95 (more…)