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My First Month Blogging

I’ve moved to, please check out my blog there instead!

I’ve been blogging for just over a month now and I have well and truly caught the blogging bug! I love writing, reading and researching blogs and I am completely and utterly in love with the blogging community! Everyone is so so nice and I feel like I’ve become nicer because of them! Beforehand, if I saw someone upset on Twitter I’d just leave it but now I genuinely want to make them feel better.

Love Blogging

I’ve tried starting a blog before, before taking it down one post later, embarrassed and worried noone would ever care what I have to say. I am so annoyed with myself now! If I’d stopped worrying about what others thought, I’d have realised so much earlier how much I enjoy blogging! BUT I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, so although I kind of want to kick myself for not pushing myself through my worries, I think I was meant to start my blog when I did. To remind myself of this, and all of you who want to start a blog but are scared to, here is all the good things that have happened to me because of blogging, in only 33 days!