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Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream & Swatch

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 I know BB creams are no longer cool. They’re no CC or EE creams, are they! But I bought this ages ago and I’ve only recently started reusing it. I originally purchased this in the my early acne days, when I was hopeful that a bit of chemicals (in this case, salicylic acid) could cure it. Sadly for me, this was not the case, and when I started using benzoyl peroxide, the combination of both was so drying my skin was a flaky mess. Cue me, popping this in my makeup bag to be rediscovered nearly six months later.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream Review

Maybeline Dream Pure BB cream is marketed as an 8 in 1 cream, which I think is pushing it a little bit! These 8 properties are:

Conceals imperfections
Helps protect against the appearance of blemishes
Oil free & non greasy
Minimises the appearance of pores
Clarifies the skin’s look
Conceals redness
Hydrates and smoothes
Compliments skin tone

This could definitely be squished into about three! My main attraction to this BB cream was the 2% salicylic acid and the SPF 15. Salicylic acid is really good for treating small, on the surface blemishes. 2% is no way near prescription strength, so you don’t need to worry about it being too harsh on your skin. The salicylic acid and oil free formula means it is really good for drying out oily areas on your face, without causing dry patches.

I don’t wear suncream under my makeup as it makes my face a greasy, shiny mess and acts as the worst base of makeup, plus I find it gives me spots, so having something that targets spots, acts as suncream and covers blemishes is perfect for me!

The BB cream is a very sheer coverage. It helps smooth your complexion, but doesn’t go so far as to actual cover any deep blemishes, although it is quite good at evening out dull or pink patches of skin. It’s obviously not meant to be as thick as foundation, so I wasn’t expecting thick coverage. It does help minimise pores and conceal small blemishes, but it’s BB cream status is reflected in its coverage.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream Swatch

I actually use this as a base, underneath my foundation, as it means I can treat tiny bumps and blemishes, get a slight coverage, dry out any oil and get a matte complexion and save my skin from damage, and because it is so sheer it is easy to layer it with foundation and not look like I am caked in makeup. If I had perfect skin (ha!) I would happily go out wearing this on its own, and unless I am severely short of time I will continue to use it underneath my foundation

There isn’t a huge selection of shades, but because it is a sheer coverage, it melts into your skin ad matches your skin tone really well. I’ve got medium which I think it would be a really good match for anyone a few shades above or below me.

I love this BB cream. I’m so happy I can use it again! I’ve been using it for a couple of days and I just feel like it helps to undo any bad damage of makeup whilst allowing me to layer up for really good coverage. I’m hoping that the salicylic acid in it will help get rid of my acne scars, and prevent those tiny annoying blemishes that like to trouble me sometimes.

Are you a BB cream fan or have you progressed the alphabet to newer models?

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Empties / Clinique 3 Step Anti Blemish Solutions

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I’ve been coming to the end of my 3-step Clinique anti-blemish solutions and I’ve been excited because it means I get to do my first ever empties post! I know, how sad am I right? I got this set when I was in the worst of my acne breakout and no antibiotic or anything I was trying was working. It consists of a foam face wash (step 1), a clarifying lotion (step 2) and an all over clearing treatment (step 3). Technically, the clarifying lotion isn’t finished yet but I’m in love with a new toner and hardly use it at the moment.

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Review


The Face Mask Edition

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 Face Mask Beauty BlogIt’s no secret in my family that I like face masks. When I lived at home, it was pretty much guaranteed that if I wasn’t out, I would have a face mask. Even in freshers (two years ago, eek!) I did one a couple of times a week. However, since then it’s slowly declined to rarely or never. I think my acne had something to do with it, as it got worse when I used more products. Even spot reducing products, how unfair is that!


Salcura Antiac Samples

I’ve been on a couple of tablets for my acne for a few months now and they have finally started working and I haven’t had any new spots for a few days (touch wood), however I couldn’t resist trying a free sample of Salcura Antiac (kindly pointed out by Embarrassing Bodies has dubbed it the best acne brand available without prescription, and anything endorsed by Doctor Christian is bound to be good! The Antiac pack came with three sachet samples of the Daily Face Wash and one bottle sample of the Activ Liquid Spray. Salcura only uses natural ingredients, so I was hoping that it would be less harsh on my skin than Quinoderm, which I am currently using.

Salcura Antiac Acne Treatment


Quinoderm Acne Treatment

I suffer from cystic acne, which if I am honest is probably the worst condition anyone in their 20s could have. I’m slowly getting over the worst of my outbreak, and I’m insanely hopeful that it will have completely cleared by early 2014 (although before New Year’s Eve would be my dream come true). I’m on some crazy medication to treat them in the long run, but until they kick in I am relying on Quinoderm to keep my acne at bay.

I have a love-hate relationship with Quinoderm, and a complicated history with it. For those who have never come across this bad boy before, Quinoderm is a cream made with 10% benzoyl peroxide and 0.5% potassium hydroxyquinoline sulphate, although it comes in 5% for those with sensitive skin. (more…)