Sleek Blush in Rose Gold / Swatches

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I’ve never been a massive fan of blusher. They’ve always either made me look like a clown, or had no effect whatsoever. I naturally blush a lot so I think this has something to do with it! I got loads of Sleek products with my Cosmopolitan subscription, and one of the products was a Sleek rose gold blusher. I’ve had it for a few weeks but I’ve only just got round to trying it (I know, terrible of me right?).

Sleek Rose Gold Blush Review

The blusher comes in the standard black, matte compact all Sleek products do, although it has blush written on it so you don’t mix it up with everything else. Clever! I was slightly shocked by how pink this blush was when I opened it. Rose gold kind of implies soft, Michael Kors inspired pinks, but it’s actually a bright, rose pink with shimmery gold flecks in (you can’t see these in the photo but they are there). I nearly didn’t put it on as I was running late for work and couldn’t deal with looking flushed all day but I braved it, and I’m really glad I did.

Sleek Rose Gold Blush Review

It’s not super pigmented, but with it being so bright I actually find that a good thing! On my skin, this turned into a shimmering, champagne pale pearly pink that really caught the light and made it look like I was glowing. It really just highlighted my cheeks perfectly and gave me that flush you get when you’re caught off guard and someone compliments you. I was so happy with it that I checked myself out about six times at work when I passed the mirrors!

Sleek Blush Swatch

I am in love with this blush. The colour is just so dreamy on and it just gives me a gorgeous glow that I want to have all the time! I would ever have thought to buy it based on the colour alone, so I’m glad it got chosen for me! Gold works really well with my skin tone so I can’t say if this colour would suit everyone, but I’d definitely say go out try the Sleek blush in a colour that suits you!

Are you a blush fan or not?

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