GOSH Eyebrow Kit

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I have pretty big eyebrows. Perhaps not Cara Delevingne worthy, but they are probably the most striking feature on my face. It’s been a journey and a half growing them, I’ll be honest. I was part of the generation where being 15 meant having eyebrows thicker than two hairs was completely uncool, and although they are big I do still find they need filling in, especially since I’ve dyed my hair brown (complete mistake, as I knew it would be!).

GOSH brow kit review

Up until recently I’ve been using an eyebrow pencil but I find it is way too harsh, and makes my natural eyebrows look completely unnatural. I’ve been reading reviews on eyebrow pallets for a while and the only ones that have got really high praise cost around £30, and my eyebrows do not need that much care I can justify that! Plus they all include stencils which would be wasted on me.

I was in Superdrug and saw this GOSH compact eyebrow pallet and decided to get it. I used to love Gosh when I was younger because they did the brightest eyeliners! It’s a suave, matte circle compact, and has a light, medium and dark brown colour, plus wax and a double ended applicatior, with a brush on one end and sponge on the other.

GOSH brow kit review

I normally use an eyebrow pencil a shade lighter than my brows, but follow the instructions say to use the colour closest to your eyebrows, which for me was the darkest (my eyebrows are like a dark grey brown and comparing them in the mirror, they matched perfectly). When I applied it, I could immediately tell it was too dark to completely fill my brows, so used the medium instead, and used the dark to help where the ends of ym eyebrows were bit sparser. I used the sponge to colour the main part of my brows in, and the brush to fill in the ends as it’s more accurate, and the used the brush to lightly wax my eyebrows.


I love that the colour is an exact match for my brows, and I like that the wax isn’t particularly ‘waxy’, it literally just helps fix your brows in place without making them stiff or shiny. My main problem with this pallet is that in the instructions on how to make the ideal eyebrow it says to use a highlighter, but the pallet doesn’t contain a highlighter. This is a bit baffling. Why make an eyebrow pallet and then highlight that it’s missing a component for the perfect brows. That’s like providing a ready-made pasta bake without the pasta!

I like the product itself, and you can tell that it would be suitable for all eyebrow and skin colours, and I think it’s quite good value for £7.99, as it lasted all day and the quality seems good. I just have a slight issue with the instructions saying to use a highlighter for best results, and not providing said highlighter.

What eyebrow kits do you use?

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