My First Month Blogging

I’ve moved to, please check out my blog there instead!

I’ve been blogging for just over a month now and I have well and truly caught the blogging bug! I love writing, reading and researching blogs and I am completely and utterly in love with the blogging community! Everyone is so so nice and I feel like I’ve become nicer because of them! Beforehand, if I saw someone upset on Twitter I’d just leave it but now I genuinely want to make them feel better.

Love Blogging

I’ve tried starting a blog before, before taking it down one post later, embarrassed and worried noone would ever care what I have to say. I am so annoyed with myself now! If I’d stopped worrying about what others thought, I’d have realised so much earlier how much I enjoy blogging! BUT I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, so although I kind of want to kick myself for not pushing myself through my worries, I think I was meant to start my blog when I did. To remind myself of this, and all of you who want to start a blog but are scared to, here is all the good things that have happened to me because of blogging, in only 33 days!

1. I have over 150 followers on Bloglovin’. I know not all of them will read my blog every day, but it means 150 people were actually interested enough in what I have to say to want to read more!
2. I will now be contributing a regular feature for Help Me Wear It magazine when it launches!
3. I am also a registered guest blogger for TrendLife magazine
4. I am part of team #AccessAllASOS
5. I have been nominated for a Leibster Award 6 times! I’ve only posted one of these, but the other bloggers who have nominated me are Jasmine, Bellatula, Natalie, Jenny and Katie and I am so grateful for them to have thought my blog was good!
6. I’ve had two people tweet me telling me they’ve stumbled across my blog and love it. I know two people isn’t a lot but having people think my blog is so good they’ve contacted me made me feel incredible. That warm and fuzzy and scrunched face feeling.
7. I have won two blogging competitions. Love freebies!

To a lot of bloggers, this list is probably miniscule but to me it really means a lot. I’m so proud of both my blog and myself! And I’m looking forward to continuing my little blogging journey.

Things I would love to happen in the future bloggy world!

1. Make a blogging friend!
2. Attend a blogging meet up
3. Become self-hosted. Seriously, wordpress is terrible for layouts!
4. Inspire people to start their own blog 🙂

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  1. How wonderful to read that you are enjoying blogging so much! I have the same thought, every reader is one to treasure and blogging is especially fun to do it for yourself in first place, but get’s more fun when others love it as well.

    Have a lot of fun with furhter blogging!

    X Sara

  2. So happy for you to have made such a brilliant and successful start! Well done! I’ve only been going for about 3 months but I love it too.
    Kat xx

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