Empties / Clinique 3 Step Anti Blemish Solutions

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I’ve been coming to the end of my 3-step Clinique anti-blemish solutions and I’ve been excited because it means I get to do my first ever empties post! I know, how sad am I right? I got this set when I was in the worst of my acne breakout and no antibiotic or anything I was trying was working. It consists of a foam face wash (step 1), a clarifying lotion (step 2) and an all over clearing treatment (step 3). Technically, the clarifying lotion isn’t finished yet but I’m in love with a new toner and hardly use it at the moment.

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Review

I’ve loved Clinique ever since I was 14 and used to sneak into my step mum’s bathroom to use her Clinique moisturiser, so I put a lot of faith into the 3-step care system. Now I am almost acne free and looking back, that was stupid of me to do. I had cystic acne, which means that anything topical just sits on my skin and my acne is like 2mm under laughing away all protected. But I was desperate, and with desperation comes shopping.

The Clinique 3-step anti-blemish set comes in a box which has a picture of the products and instructions on how to use them on the back. I sadly binned mine ages ago and won’t be showing you them, although I have a separate 3-step set for normal skin so when I use that, I will be able to show you. Wooo! The products are all quite small, but you can get the full sized products individually (at a much higher price). I suppose this is kind of like a trial pack to make sure it works for you.

First up, step 1! A little foam face cleanser with a pump dispenser. I love foam cleansers, they feel really nice. This one does leave your face very clean after. It doesn’t last very long though, I ran out of this much quicker than the other two products which was annoying!

Step 2, the clarifying lotion. I loved this product, and it is the one I use most often. It leaves your face feeling so fresh and makeup and dirt free. When the cleanser ran out, I would use this after taking my makeup off, or after washing my face normally. Lovely.

Step 3, the all over treatment. It advises that using this with other topical treatments for spots might cause dryness, which suggests that it has some spot killing ingredients in there. It’s not a moisturiser but it does leave your skin feeling pretty nice and moisturised, and it’s oil free so a good option for those with oily skin.

I loved this set as it made my face feel nice and refreshed. However, it did not help with my acne whatsoever. But then again, neither did anything given to me by the doctors (my acne is hormonal so only hormonal stuff helps, topical anything and antibiotics do crap for me). I personally wouldn’t tell anyone with acne to get this, as I don’t think it will help and the products aren’t cheap. I do think however that if you have oily skin or spotty teenager skin, this would be perfect. Just don’t expect miracles!

What is your favourite spot treatment?

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  1. I love Clinique! Haven’t tried their anti-blemish treatment before though. I’ve heard that the La Roche Posay Effaclar is a great spot treatment, maybe try that out? =)

    1. I do love most of their stuff, I just think proper acne tends to need medicated stuff. They actually have a separate medicated acne solutions I didn’t know about though so that might be better! And ooh I’ve not heard of that before, will have a look into it thanks šŸ™‚ xx

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