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When I was little I used to bite my nails until my fingers bled on a daily basis. Gross. Now, my nails are my pride and joy and I keep them well groomed, strong and long (although I did break one on NYE and filed them all down, so they’re a bit shorter than normal). I used to dabble in nail art but only ever mastered it with one hand, meaning I’d have mismatching hands! Now I let the colours do the talking instead.

Pastel Nails

I’ve been feeling quite girly this week (probably from the effort of doing more face and hair masks as I’ve slipped over the past year) so I decided to paint my nails in pastel colours.

I used a minty aqua colour from Asda, George (£1) which was pretty runny when I got it last year but is a thicker consistency now, the light blue Barry M gellish nails (about £4) which I am in love with, it’s a gorgeous colour and doesn’t chip! And a 17 pinky purple, which I think I got free in Company mag about two years ago!

Pastel Nail Varnish

What do you prefer, dark, bright or pastel nails

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    1. Thanks 🙂 mine are a bit ratty at the moment, think the winter has finally got to them! If you’re waiting to grow them, don’t use nail strengtheners because they weaken the nails in the long run! Hand creams and oils are the best treatment 🙂 xx

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