Nation of Shopkeepers, good news & a mini haul

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Nation of Shopkeepers

Mondays aren’t normally something to celebrate but I can hand on my heart say my Monday was amazing this week. First off, student loans came in and although all of mine goes on rent, my boyfriend has some spare so came down to treat me. You will no doubt learn throughout my blog that he is extremely well trained and actually a soppy git, although he refuses to admit it. I also confirmed that I will now be writing a running feature for new blogging subscription magazine Help Me Wear it andd writing weekly articles for The Daily Touch! So my Monday was spent floating around in a happy cloud, ignoring to the fact I am now in my last semester ever at uni, have a part time job, an internship, a job as a social media ambassador, two writing jobs and a blog. Where is Bernard’s watch when you need it?

Hot Chocolate

I had a free Benefit Porefressional sample to collect (thanks to tweeting them why I needed one) AND Debenhams were doing a retweet for free hot chocolate, so after some window shopping we headed to Debenhams, got my free sample and had some free hot chocolate, all courtesy of Twitter! The hot chocolate was exactly what I needed in the weather, and the fact it was free just made me so smug haha.

Superdrug Haul

After some more clothes browsing, we headed to Superdrug where le boyf treated me to a GOSH eyebrow pallet, a MUA pink lipstick and a Garnier mattifying moisturiser for combination skin. If you love my blog (PLEASE SAY YOU DO) make sure you subscribe to be the first to know when I review these :). I hate to boast (kinda) but I had to stop him from buying me anything more, as he is so bad with money and I felt a tad guilty.

Nation of Shopkeepers

We headed to A Nation of Shopkeepers for lunch, as he’s been and loved it and I’ve heard so many good things about it, so I was pretty excited. The first thing I loved was the window display: white bird cages with hundreds of tiny paper bird origami flying around. I literally wanted to steal them all! The décor inside is a mismatch of vintage posters, quirky drawings and bunting. Grunge-hip meets kitsch, unusual bit it worked.

Nation of Shopkeepers Origami Window Display

I hate being limited to one food choice so we got fried chicken and a halloumi and chorizo beef burger to split. It was pretty quiet being Monday and the food was served in 15 minutes, which meant I didn’t have to put up with the boyfriends complaints of being starving for any longer than necessary. The chips were AMAZING. I’m no chip connoisseur but wow.  Golden brown, crispy, fluffy, just everything you want for in a chip. I scoffed down loads before even attempting everything else! The fried chicken was equally to die for. It didn’t have a proper batter but the skin was just gorgeous, crispy but flaky and the chicken itself was crazily tender and (I hate this word but it’s necessary) moist. Plus it came with a hot sauce which complimented it well and wasn’t so spicy that you burnt your tongue.

Nation of Shopkeepers fried chicken and chorizo halloumi burger

The burger was huge! A proper knife and fork job. The chorizo was a big chunk rather than those flimsy slices you get on pizza, and had a really rich deep flavour. The burger itself had a really nice flavour but was slightly dry, nothing some coleslaw and hot sauce couldn’t fix!

We were pretty pooped afterwards and headed home to chill out for a few hours before he headed home and I got merrily drunk with my housemates before heading to a friend’s birthday party. What a lovely Monday.

How was your Monday? Rubbish or good?


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