Teatox: Worth the hype?

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If you have Instagram, it’s likely that you have heard of  the new craze Teatoxing. In case you haven’t, it’s basically herbal teas that eliminate toxins and waste from your body, and by doing so can have a whole load of benefits such as weight loss, improved digestion, clear skin, increased metabolism, reduced bloating and better sleep. Apparently, anyway. I’m not a believer in fad diets but I do believe that herbs can have a host of benefits, and after an incredibly unhealthy December, I am more than happy to see if it helps me feel less uncomfortable!

Bootea teatox review

There are a few different websites that you can buy teatoxes from. I chose Bootea as it is based in England, meaning free postage and a shorter delivery wait, but another popular one is Tinytea/ Yourtea. I paid £19.99 for a two week detox, consisting of 14 teas to be had in the morning, and 7 teas to be had every other night. The daytime tea is meant to help improve metabolism and suppress your appetite, whilst the nighttime tea cleanses out your digestive system.

I kept a daily diary of how I felt during the two weeks, but haven’t included every day in this blog. As well as teatoxing, I tried to eat relatively healthy and  drink green tea with lemon on top of my Bootea, if I’m 100% honest I can’t say I was amazing at either haha!

Day 1: After an amazing NYE, I am more in need of a detox more than ever! I was dubious as to whether I would like the tea (being a coffee drinker) but I’m pleasantly surprised by the morning tea. It tastes like a mild green tea with some warm notes to it. It’s more refreshing than my usual morning coffee! I’m not as big a fan of the nighttime tea. It’s like a watery peppermint tea: not horrendous, but I wouldn’t choose to buy it in Tescos!

Day 4: Not sure how to put this in a polite way but they sure weren’t lying about the laxative effect of the night time tea! I’ve had a colonic irrigation before and I honestly wouldn’t place this too far below. I’ve had a headache the past two days, probably due to the vast amount of crap I ate over December thanks to revision, exams and Christmas! I can’t say I feel any healthier than before I started but I didn’t expect it to work this soon (if at all).
Edit: just read on Bootea that it’s better to avoid meat when teatoxing as meat has loads of toxins. Oops… Oh well, too late to stop now!

Day 5: I hadn’t felt like I was bloated the past few days but today when I woke up I felt really light and comfortable. I decided to weigh myself on a hunch and I am back to me pre-Christmas weight! I still look and feel a bit bigger but I feel a hundred times better about myself. However, I find myself not really enjoying my tea as much today, probably because I’m not choosing to drink it for pleasure.

Day 9. Bored of teatoxing now. I’ve also consumed lots of toxins the past few days as my boyfriend was down. I think I could probably take this more seriously than I am doing. I don’t mind the taste of the teas anymore though which is a bonus.

Day 11. One of the supposed benefits is meant to be reduced hunger. I have not found this whatsoever

Day 14. The end! And a slight hangover. I’ve been summing up my teatox experience in my head and I have to admit I definitely have not experienced bloating while on it, even after a huge meal (which I have had plenty). I’ve not lost weight, but I’ve ate like a fat pig most days so I didn’t expect to. I haven’t noticed that I’m more energetic but I’m so lazy that I could have heaps of energy and still stay in bed all day. I also ate meat and sugar and drank and did all the stuff you’re not meant to so I probably didn’t get as good a result as I should have.

I think my overall opinion would have to be that it’s good for vamping up a sluggish digestive system, but it is also £20 for two weeks of drinking not the nicest tea and avoiding nice food. It would be cheaper to look up what teas are in it, buy them separately and drink different teas throughout the day! I’ve made the positive decision to replace one of my coffees a day with green tea though. To good health!

You can buy Bootea here 🙂

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  1. I tried this product, ad I agree, the laxative effect in the morning was instant from waking up! lol I didn’t notice any differences though and I was eating healthy. Stick to green tea! 🙂

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