Leibster Award


Thanks Savvy And Me (http://www.savvyandme.blogspot.co.uk/) for nominating me for the Leibster Award! Nicest thing to wake up to!

For those of you who don’t know the word “Liebester” is, it’s German for sweetheart. This award is a way to discover new blogs! There is a simple set of rules for this nomination. The rules are as followed:

* Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
* Answer the 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you.
* Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers (I based this on Bloglovin’ follower count).
* Create a new set of 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

My nominees are…!

  1. Elle’s Tres Chic
  2. Simply Roxilicious
  3. Bloomin-El
  4. Amber Types
  5. Pixirella
  6. Mac and Cheese
  7. Parsimonious Penny
  8. Infatuation
  9. Skin Sweet
  10. Ems Beauty
  11. Sophie Michaela

Answers to Savvy And ME’s questions…

1. What is your favorite season to dress for?
Ooh hard one! Probably spring, because I can wear summery shoes, shorts and skirts but still layer up with big comfy jumpers!

2. What is your ultimate style tip?
If you don’t feel comfortable in it, don’t wear it. Nothing makes you look worse than lack of confidence.

3. Describe your style.
Oversized! Big jumpers, mom jeans and a hint of glam to stop it being too shapeless.

4. What is your most memorable vacation/ or place you’ve traveled? Why?
I went to India for three weeks this summer to volunteer. I met some amazing people and the place was incredible! I want to travel when I finish university, so I’m hoping there are more places I will see.

5. What’s your Dream Job/Career?
I’m not 100% sure! Something to do with social media management and writing. I’d quite like to work for Cosmopolitan or Company!

6. How often do you go shopping?
As often as my bank balance allows me, plus a little more!

7. What are your top three beauty products?
Coconut oil, aloe vera and eyebrow pencil.

8. Who is your Favorite Youtube Guru and why? (i.e Make-up/style/Fitness.etc)
I don’t really watch Youtube videos apart from music (I know, terrible for a blogger to admit) but I love Jenna Marbles, she is hilarious.

9. What is your favorite Fragrance?
My ultimate go to is Nina by Nina Riche, but I really like Beyonce pulse and Dior poison as well.

10. What are you goals for your blog?
To increase my following, and to make new friends! I’d love my blog to have a decent online presence.

11. What is your favorite online store?
ASOS for versatility, I constantly go on Black Score and Local Heroes to cry over their products that I can’t afford!

Questions for my nominees.

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

2. What is your favourite part about blogging?

3. What beauty product could you not live without?

4. Who is your style icon?

5. Where do you want to be in 5 year’s time?

6. What have you found the hardest part about blogging?

7. Where do you think is the most beautiful place in the world?

8. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?

9. What is your dream career?

10. What is your favourite part about yourself?

11. Who inspires you?

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  1. Congrats on the award! I have never heard of this before! Probably because I’m quite new and still learning the basics! Such a great idea, best of luck in the future with your blog 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂 I’d like seen it around but didn’t really know what it was, I love how bloggers help other bloggers though 🙂 thanks, my blog is pretty new so I need some luck I am sure! I follow you blog on bloglovin’ and really like it so don’t worry about not knowing all the basics! xx

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