Tick Tock Wrong O’Clock

Today was the day I was going to set up a savings account. I’m pretty bad with money so figured it was a must to help the future me. I’d made an appointment with the bank and was all ready to become a pro saver, right up until I got told my appointment was at 2pm, when I had turned up at 4pm. I even had an appointment card saying 2pm and I had still thought 4pm!

This is not the first time this has happened to me. On contraire, this happens to me frequently. Here is a list of times when I have completely booked or turned up at the wrong time.

I'm late I'm late

Booked a train the day before a wedding. Turned up at train station to realise I had booked it on the day of wedding, and had to purchase a new ticket.

Booked a train home to university. Turned up and realised I had booked the train for the day before and missed it. I had no money for a new ticket and the train barriers were open so I kinda jumped the train. It was a Sunday evening so there were no inspectors and the barriers were open on the other side as well. Crisis averted.

Turned up to The Gadget Show Live on Saturday before realising I had tickets for Sunday.

Turned up for my train in the morning, turned out it was in the evening.

Turned up for a train a week early.

Told everyone Disney On Ice was at 11am. Was actually at 10am.

Panicked thinking I was about to miss my train. Turns out it was an hour later.

Turned up for work at 8am. Didn’t even have work.

Believed my house viewings were at 2pm. Got a call to ask if I was still coming in at 1.

It’s actually turned into a running joke amongst my family and friends. They even offer to check my tickets for me, which is somewhat patronising but pretty necessary. I do honestly check, double check and triple check now when I book tickets or events but it still somehow gets muddled up. I’ll read it like oh yeah, 2pm. Then all of a sudden I’m telling people it’s 4pm and no matter how many times I read 2pm, I revert back to thinking 4pm. It’s really weird, kind of annoying but pretty funny. So far, I’ve not had any consequences worse than paying another ยฃ20 or so out to buy a new ticket, or a few hours less sleep than I could have had, but I’m waiting for the day for something pretty bad to happen.

Anyone else suffer from this crazy brain disorder? What’s the worst thing you’ve muddled up?

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  1. I know quite a few people who have got mixed up with exam times! Thankfully it’s never happened to me but now I’m in my final year at uni I’m terrified it’s going to happen with one of my most important exams :/
    Great post ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    1. Oh god really? Luckily my housemates are in the same course as me so we double check together! I’m in my final year as well so I know what you mean, anything you can worry about you do! Good luck with your exams, I’m sure you won’t miss them! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  2. Haha this sounds exactly like me, my university tutor has got used to me turning up to the wrong group and just let’s me get on with whatever I think I’m doing that day. My flatmates and course mates are always trying to remind me! I end up taking pictures of everything I’m signed up for or notice boards so I haven’t got to rely on my notes/diary! Nothing seems to help my brain just doesn’t function! Xo

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