Sleek Lip 4 Palette Review And Swatches

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I’m going to be honest, I only heard of Sleek makeup when I was reading through beauty blogs a while ago and they kind of exploded over everyone’s feeds. I hadn’t got round to buying any when I saw that you got a few freebies when you subscribed to Cosmopolitan. Now I love Cosmo and I love freebies, so I was going to get it myself when my boyfriend decided to get it for me as part of my Christmas present. Cutie. I got a couple of other palettes but I honestly just haven’t got round to testing them out so I’ll be doing reviews on them sporadically I am sure.

Sleek Lip 4 Palette ReviewSleek Lip 4 Palette Review

My first thoughts on the packaging are “wow, it IS Sleek!” which I think may say something more about me than the packaging! Seriously though, both the box and the actual palette feels very velvety and look super elegant. The outer packaging has graphics of the lip colours and finishes which is good as I like to be able to see the product. Inside the compact there is a mirror, the four shades of lipstick and a lip brush. The mirror is big enough to be able to do makeup easily which is really good!

Sleek Lip 4 Palette Review

Sleek Lip 4 Palette Swatches

The first colour is a peach/ nude colour in a glossy finish. It’s quite soft which I didnโ€™t realise so ended up getting a LOT of colour on the brush. I actually really disliked this lipstick. On my lips, it is basically the same colour as my face, giving me that unattractive Jordan duck pout. Due to the glossy finish and high pigmentation it also applies on thick and streaky. Not a good look at all. I’m going to have a play around mixing it with the other shades but I would never, ever use this on its own.

The next colour is a mauve-y, dusty pink in a satin finish. It’s a lot less soft than the previous colour and takes a few goes to get enough colour on the brush. It doesn’t give a huge amount of colour on my lips, but the natural colour and dewy finish means that overall it looks really nice and subtle. It also feels incredibly moisturising. I will definitely be wearing this on days out as it just adds a bit of warmth to my face.

The third colour is a neutral brown toned pink in a matte finish. It takes a few goes to get the pigment onto my lips, and even then it isnโ€™t highly pigmented. It looks nice on though, it would especially look good with heavier eye makeup or with bronzed skin as it is a warm nude shade. I thought it would be quite drying as it is matte but my lips feel quite hydrated.

The final shade is my favourite. It’s a rose pink in satin finish, and is softer than the last two colours. It also puts colour on my lips better than the last two colours whilst still looking natural. I actually really like the colour on, it’s very warm and pretty and my lips have a nice sheen to them without being glossy.

I have a mixed overall opinion on this palette. It’s okay, I’m glad I have it and I’ll use it during the day or when I want natural looking lips but it’s not amazing. The first colour is a huge disappointment and the others aren’t highly pigmented. I wouldn’t personally go for it again, but I think it would be good for someone who likes Autumn inspired colours and wears natural lipstick on a daily basis.

Have you used this before? If so, what do you think?

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  1. I do love nude lipsticks, so i might have to get the palette, then again nudes don’t always look right on different skin tones, but as you said you can always mix them with other colours, vaseline or with eyeshadows/powders to get more of a tone you want.

    1. Hey ๐Ÿ™‚ good question. I found the matte colours were quite heavy but because you can apply it with a brush it wasn’t as bad as if it had been an actual lipstick. I always use lip balm before lipsticks anyway which I think helped stop it being too heavy. The rest of the colours were alright, if you were worried about it you could always mix it with lip balm or Vaseline to kind of dilute it maybe? x

    1. No worries lovely! I definitely don’t think they live up to their hype, I thought they’d be a lot more obvious than they turned out to be! I’ve not tried their lipsticks, I will give them a go next time I’m in Superdrug ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  2. fab review, I have never tried any of sleeks lip products & after reading this post i dont think i will, since you can get so much better quality from the drugstore which is cheaper (as some sleek products can be quite pricey for drugstore). However, i have tried their blushes, i can tell you now they are BRILLIANT, they are super pigmented & have a fab selection of colours, so don’t be put off sleek, i just dont think lip products are their forte! xox

    1. I think lip palettes must be pretty hard to get right to be honest! Much prefer lipsticks really. I haven’t tried their other stuff yet, I’ll make sure I test the blushers ๐Ÿ™‚ I prefer it when there’s a selection of colours because some shades make me look like a clown! xx

      1. i agree, i’ve never got on with lip palettes either! you should do, i can assure you, you won’t be disappointed ๐Ÿ™‚ exactly, & if you go into a shop to try the blushers you can test them against your skin before buying, its a win win situation! xox

  3. I recently got a sleek eyeshadow palette and I have mixed feelings on that! I like the colour range but I feel the pigmentation lacks abit! Interesting post to read!

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