Flutter Cosmetic Makeup Brushes

I’ve never been a makeup brush user. I have fingers and they’ve always done the job pretty well! However, recent purchases and gifts of different makeup got me thinking I should step out of my comfort zone and try new things. New year, new you right? I didn’t want to spend a lot on really nice brushes, in case I decided they weren’t for me, so when I saw these cute Flutter cosmetic brushes in Superdrug I knew they were the ones. The set includes a blusher brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, lip brush and a really cute butterfly bag to keep them in, all for only £2.99 from Superdrug. The brushes are synthetic and feel really soft. I’m actually reluctant to use them because they are so cute!

Flutter Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set

I’ve just used the foundation brush and I’m amazd by what a difference there is using a brush! It’s so much easier to apply and build coverage, especially in any problem areas because you can blend it in so much easier! It also gives me a much softer, velvety finish to my foundation.

At first, I didn’t think the blusher brush picked up much blusher but when I went to apply on my face, I realised it had picked up enough to give a light glow. This is quite useful because I’d rather build up a couple of layers than look like a clown! I liked the lip brush, as it made it a lot easier to apply lipstick right to the lip line. The eyeshadow brush was alright for one eyeshadow colour, however because it’s quite thick I wouldn’t use it for smokey eyes or anything intricate.

I know to all those who are regular brush users, it is probably not that great but for me, a complete makeup brush newbie, it has introduced me nicely to the world of makeup brushes, and I’ve really enjoyed using them. I will definitely be using makeup brushes to apply my makeup in future, as it looks a lot more natural with better coverage.

Flutter Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set

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  1. great post, I myself used to always just use my fingers to apply makeup, but ever since i’ve discovered makeup brushes i’ve never looked back 🙂 if you are looking to invest in some brilliant, high quality but quite cheap brushes i recommend you try the Real Techniques brushes (i’ve done a post on them) – although they can be quite pricey they are definitely worth it, especially for base makeup in which you want to create the best possible finish 🙂

    1. I actually read your post on them after I’d got these! I’ve massively overspent this month but I think once I have perfected using makeup brushes I’ll look at getting some good quality ones 🙂 thanks tho! xx

      1. aw thanks 🙂 yes, that’s probably best, to get used to makeup brushes, then at least you know what you need & what you like for applying makeup! you’re very welcome!xox

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