Sale Buy / Urban Outfitters Vintage Jewellery Stand

I’m not a big jewellery wearer. Not because I don’t love it, because I do, and I have plenty of it, but because I can never be bothered to sort through my piles of tangled jewellery to find something I am in the mood for. Way more effort than it’s worth! I’ve been wanting a jewellery stand for a while but I hadn’t made any attempts to find one. It was only New Year’s morning that I decided to have a look online. I was still half drunk, my boyfriend was asleep, and my card was in easy reach of my bed. What choice did I have?

I had found a free shipping code for Urban Outfitters and wanted to take advantage of this so went straight to their website. There are actually a few really gorgeous stands in their sale. One was a gold bird cage stand for ยฃ6 which tempted me, but with no hooks I figured instead of my jewellery being an unorganised mess in a box, it would just be an unorganised mess in a pretty cage. It was pretty painful tearing myself away from the ‘add to bag’ button but I managed it, and came across this pretty little vintage stand. With hooks for necklaces and a tray for rings, all for only a fiver, I literally (sorta) couldn’t resist!

Urban Outfitters Vintage Jewellery Stand

I got my package in two days, kudos to Urban Outfitters, and was quite surprised at the size of the stand. Being somewhat intoxicated mid purchase, I had assumed it was quite small and had been a bit worried about it, but had YOLO’d** it anyway, so I was so glad to find that it was a decent size. Loads of hooks, tall enough that most of my necklaces hang without a problem, and a huge tray with deep sides to store any amount of rings and tat I have bought/ collected/ accumulated over time. Plusย it is a gorgeous iron colour with an intricate design. ALL FOR A FIVER!

The best part about getting this stand was it arrived just in time for me to tidy my room, so I got to spend ages sorting out my jewellery rather than actually tidy. Yay!

**Note, I use YOLO completely ironically, and only to get my point across. YOLO makes me shudder when used seriously.

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