Salcura Antiac Samples

I’ve been on a couple of tablets for my acne for a few months now and they have finally started working and I haven’t had any new spots for a few days (touch wood), however I couldn’t resist trying a free sample of Salcura Antiac (kindly pointed out by Embarrassing Bodies has dubbed it the best acne brand available without prescription, and anything endorsed by Doctor Christian is bound to be good! The Antiac pack came with three sachet samples of the Daily Face Wash and one bottle sample of the Activ Liquid Spray. Salcura only uses natural ingredients, so I was hoping that it would be less harsh on my skin than Quinoderm, which I am currently using.

Salcura Antiac Acne Treatment

I was a bit apprehensive about completely ditching the Quinoderm as it does reduce the longevity of my spots, so I decided to just replace my morning and afternoon Quinoderm with the Activ spray, and use both at night. The spray is a milky colour and consistency. It rubs in quite easily but if you overdo it, it leaves a slightly tacky residue on the skin. I’ve been using my moisturiser afterwards though which sorts out any residue.

The face wash is quite thick and gel like, and has a non-descript but not unpleasant smell. I normally wash my face in the morning and night with a flannel and water and leave face wash for showers, so my skin feels slightly tighter than normal. It does feel very clean and refreshed though.

I had two cysts when I started Salcura. One was quite big and painful, the other a baby cyst (although still much bigger than your average spot). It normally takes about a week for my cysts to start disappearing, and although they aren’t gone yet, they are definitely less noticeable than when I started. I did get a spot (not a cyst) right at the beginning of trying out the sample but it’s barely noticeable now.

I can’t say whether Salcura is a miracle cure because my acne was on the mend anyway, but I would definitely recommend it over harsher over the counter products such as Quinoderm, as it does leave your face feeling refreshed and hasn’t got any adverse effects on your skin, such as redness or dry, flaky skin. I think I will buy the face wash when my samples run out (not for a while as I got my boyfriend and sister to apply for free samples too!) as I thoroughly believe prevention is the best cure. As well as Antiac, Salcura have other ranges of products aimed for less severe skin problems. I think anyone who suffers from occasional blemishes will definitely benefit from checking them out!

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