Beyonce Pulse

Beyonce is everywhere at the moment, what with her tour and her raunchy new videos. I’m actually probably one of the only people in the world who doesn’t think Beyonce is AMAZING. Don’t get me wrong, I think she is gorgeous and I  think her music is good, but I just don’t get the fascination with her. I do, however, love her perfume Pulse.

Beyonce Pulse Perfume

I can’t describe the scent as anything other than musky, warm and completely scrumptious. It has slight citrus scent if you sniff it long enough, which you will because it is so gorgeous. The crystal shape of the bottle, and the fact that it is a mystical blue reminds me of a magic potion you would pretend to carry around when playing games as a child. The lid (which honestly I am not sure whether it should be at the top, or the bottom) is supposedly based on Beyonce’s costumes, and is an asymetrical chrome lid or stand, depending on which way you choose it to be! It looks like it wouldn’t be out of place in Pandora, amongst the blue Avatarians.

I normally go for fruity, sweet scented perfumes. My all-time go to perfume is Nina by Nina Richi but I’m currently more than obsessed with Pulse and can see I quickly become my new favourite!

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