Argon Oil Night Repair Serum

 I love oils. My ultimate favourite is coconut oil, with almond oil coming a close second, but I think the title of 2013’s most recognised oil goes to argon oil. It’s most common in hair products: I’ve tried a few and had some success with them, so when I got given an Argon Oil night repair serum for Christmas I was pretty happy with it.

Argon Oil Night Repair Serum

Argon Oil Night Repair Serum Pipette

It comes in a brown glass bottle with gold writing. It looks quite similar to the Estee Lauder night serum, except this one comes with a black pipette. I love pipettes. They are just so squishy and fun. To use, you just pipette (yay) a few drops onto clean skin and massage (aka rub) it in: it rubs in easily and doesn’t make your fingers greasy which is good, as it means I don’t need to get up again to wash my hands. It smells a bit like that Garnier gradual tanning moisturiser, which I like because it reminds me of summer and being 16 when I was too scared to commit to actual fake tan. I’ve never used a night serum before so I’m unsure of what the immediate effects should be, but my skin feels pretty smooth which is nice. I have a dry patch of skin between my eyebrows and it hasn’t done much to help with that, but seeing as it is meant to repair skin and not moisturise it, I don’t see that as a problem.

I’ve not used this long enough to see if it has massively improved my skin health (sadly it takes more than one application of any product before it makes a difference) but considering how easy it is to use before bed, and how sophisticated it looks on my bedside table, I am more than willing to add it into my night time routine, even if it all it does is give me slightly smoother skin. Smooth skin is obviously going to be in 2014, right?



      1. I know, and everyone raves about it. But I have a random nut allergies, and I wonder if that is the reason. I wonder if Argon tree is somehow nut related or produces nuts…or my skin just wants to be difficult 🙂

        Coconut oil is next for me.

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