A bit about me

Hello lovely readers (I hope there are some!)

I thought I’d introduce myself properly to the blogging world. My name is India, I am 21 and I’m in my third year studying Psychology at Leeds Met. I’ve played with the idea of blogging before but always felt too embarrassed to start/ continue, as I felt I didn’t really have anything to talk about that people would want to read. Then recently, I got an internship with Cohorted (www.cohorted.co.uk) where I read through beauty blogs and find posts l like to generate facebooks and tweets. So if you’ve had a tweet from them, it’s likely it was me!

About me

Reading through blogs was so much fun, and I’d follow bloggers on Twitter so I could keep up to date with new posts but actually I pretty much fell in love with the community. Everyone is so nice to each other! And you’re all funny and charming and I wanted to be a part of this little niche world of yours. So I decided to make a blog!

At first I was pretty scared of interacting with everyone on Twitter, in case they didn’t like my blog or like me or my followers thought I was stupid but then I realised that if I was constantly scared to do something I wanted to because of what other people thought, I’d never do the things I wanted, and I don’t want to get to 30 and be able to look back on opportunities I’ve missed.

So that’s why I started blogging. I may not be great at it, but I’m really really enjoying it so I’m going to continue. Practise makes perfect anyway! It’s pretty scary putting myself out there when there are so many amazing blogs but I’m happy I did it and hopefully I’ll make some new friends along the way!

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