Sanctuary Spa Hair & Scalp Rescue Mud

Earlier today I decided to give my hair a bit of TLC. Not out of kindness, but because I am constantly spotting horrendous split ends splitting off into more ends. I am well overdue a haircut but I have a phobia of hairdressers ‘trims’ and want long hair for New Year’s Eve. I will definitely be getting a haircut in January, but until then I decided to use one of my stocking fillers: Sanctuary Spa’s hair and scalp rescue mud.


It’s an intensive conditioning treatment designed to condition and smooth dry, damaged, delicate or chemically treated hair, and can either be used as a five minute treatment in the shower, or an overnight treatment for something a bit more intensive. I chose the third, unwritten option of keeping it in for a few hours while I tidied my room before washing it out in the shower.

Although the mask says it’s both for hair and scalp, I didn’t put it in my scalp as I think any conditioner at the roots makes my hair go greasy really quickly. It is a really thick consistency so coats the hair nicely rather than dripping off, which makes it a good option if you like to walk around with treatments in all day. It smells pretty much like all other Sanctuary Spa products. If you don’t know what that smells like, it’s kind of warm and musky and smells exactly like a spa should smell.

The conditioner was easy to rinse out, so I didn’t need to shampoo any residue (which is good because that defeats the whole point of conditioning I feel) and once dried, it does feel a lot smoother and sleeker than before. I can’t see any split ends on close inspection, which I know won’t be to do with the actual healing of split ends but it is nice to pretend they don’t exist, at least until my next wash. My hair looks much healthier and less ratty which is good. It also smells nice still which is a bonus, I find my hair loses the smell of conditioners pretty quickly normally so it’s nice to have scented hair for a change.

The only bad thing I would say is that this only comes in sachets, which can be quite an expensive way of deep conditioning your hair. I prefer to get the tubs of deep conditioner because (apart from recently!) I try and condition my hair twice a week. However, for an occasional treat or a gift idea, it is definitely trying.



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