My New Years Resolutions

New Year is just around the corner and I’ve decided this year I am going to step away from my annual generic resolutions. I’ve lost weight, I don’t leave work until last minute anymore, I will always be a bit mean to my boyfriend and family if I am in a rotten mood and I will never be able to keep my room tidy on a daily basis. This year, I want to make resolutions that will make me happier, not change who I am as a person. I feel a lot more mature and confident in myself these days and I don’t think I should be worried about improving my appearance or personality.

After much careful deliberation, here are my New Years resolutions.

1. Accept the fact that I will always have a belly. I’m fed up of constantly aiming for the next size down in the hope I will have a flat belly. I am now a size 8 and still have that stubborn little tire. I am an apple shape, that is how I will always be and I am just going to have to learn to love it.

2. Stop having my life run by social media accounts. It doesn’t matter if someone unfollows me on Twitter or if my photo on Instagram only gets three likes. It’s nice to feel liked but I’d rather have a genuine friendship than someone who follows me for a follow back or whatever. There is also no need for my never ending cycle of checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, emails and then repeating.

3. Don’t worry about blogging. Blogging is completely new to me and I love reading blogs and the whole blog community that is out there. I have only just started blogging! It takes time to build up that blogging relationship with readers and I want people to like my blog because they like me and my style, and I can’t expect people to like me as a blogger when I don’t even know what kind of blogger I am yet!

4. Stop being jealous of my little sister. She is cooler, taller, skinnier and prettier than me, but I will always be her big sister and I want to support her rather than be jealous. Plus when it comes to her 18th, I want to embarrass the crap out of her on her night out and that isn’t going to happen if I am some super cool big sister!

5. Stop wanting to be cool. I think being a proper ‘loser’ at school has meant I’ve spent ever since then clinging at any chance to be cool but it doesn’t make me happy and I’d rather have fun and be a little lame than be cool at the expense of my life.

That’s pretty much it. I want to do well in my final year at university, go travelling, get a good job and win the lottery but I refuse to let that be what defines my happiness anymore. I hope you all do the same!


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