The Body Shop – Olive Body Scrub & Body Butter

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Happy holidays everyone! I hope you all had a really nice Christmas and got everything you wished for.

One of my presents was a Body Shop olive body scrub and matching body butter. Since winter began, I’ve been pretty slack with shaving, scrubbing and moisturising my legs and it’s meant that my legs have been kind of dry and scaly, so I was really happy to find these beauty’s under the tree!

Bodyshop Body Scrub Body Butter Set

I haven’t been near an olive since I was little and decided I don’t like them, so I don’t know if the scrub or butter smells of olives. They do smell nice; the scrub smells quite earthy and I think has a very slight tinge of marzipan and amaretto to it. The moisturiser smells pretty similar but more creamy than earthy. Both are made with Fairtrade cold pressed olive oil from Italy. I normally go for more citrus smelling body products, as I find them very refreshing but actually, these smell really nice on my skin. Some moisturisers from The Body Shop are pretty overpowering when they are on but this blends in with my everyday smell.

The body scrub is amazingly thick and full of lovely gritty exfoliating bits. A little goes a long way as well; it only takes two finger tips of scrub to do a leg, and it stays on under non-direct shower water so you don’t need to be completely out of the water, which is good for when it is a bit colder! It’s got rid of all my dry bumpy skin on my legs as well, which is something that a copious amount of scrubbing with a body puff has failed to do!

Olive Body Scrub Bodyshop


Once I’ve dried off, I use the butter which is so thick it takes a well-meaning push to dent the surface. Despite this, it melts onto the skin dreamily and is gobbled up by my skin. It’s non-greasy so can be used everywhere (except the face) and it is absorbed quickly, meaning I don’t have to wait ages to get dressed. It even moisturises my knees really well, which is no easy feat!

 Olive Body Butter Bodyshop

I’m really pleased with these two products, as they literally do exactly what I wanted of them. I rarely buy stuff from The Body Shop, but when I do get products from there it reminds me I really ought to more often. The scrub has completely sorted out my dry legs in just one go, and the moisturiser has made all my skin lovely and soft. It’s changed my mind on always going for fruit scented products as well, which I didn’t think it would! But it’s just such a nice subtle smell – I think it smells really homely and comforting as well. It’s a bit more grown up than the mango body butter I had last time I treated myself to a Body Shop butter!

Buy The Bodyshop olive body scrub here
Buy The Bodyshop olive body butter here

Have you used The Bodyshop body scrubs and butters before? What do you think about them?


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