Leighton Denny Cuticle Treatment

Since quitting biting my nails a few years ago, I’ve always suffered from dry horrible cuticles. I regularily cut them (I know I’m not supposed to but they are just so ugly!) and use hand cream, but coming home for Christmas means I get to use my step mums nail set which always consists of some goodies.

Today’s cuticle treatment was made up of Leighton Denny products. I started with their Best Defence nail and hand cream, which contains five essential oils, a UV sunscream and skin lightening complex (to make hands appear ‘youthful’). It’s a very rich, thick cream and I found it quite difficult to rub in just a small amount, so used about two toothpaste blobs worth. It took a minute of hand rubbing before I felt it was absorbed in as well, so I’d suggest use it as an over night hand cream rather than an out and about version.


Next up was the Twin Action cuticle remover and condition. It has a little pump to dispense the conditioner, and unlike the cream it is light and absorbs easily into my skin. I can’t say it really did much as a cuticle remover, but it moisturised my cuticles nicely meaning they were easier to loosen from the nail bed and cut.


After cutting cuticles I used the Slick Tips  nail and cuticle oil. It uses the same brush as a nail varnish which means it is easy to apply to the nail and cuticles. It’s quite a rich oil and feels very soothing on my nail bed, and it has the most delicious fruity scent. Because I’s so thick, I blotted the excess off with a cotton wool pad as I hate waiting around to do my nails. It has actually made my nails look really glossy and my nail bed look nicely moisturised so I’m really pleased with this product!


I finished it off with the One For All base coat (also doubles as a top coat, ridge filler and clear gloss coat). It has a really good consistency and paints on with amazing coverage, and it is fortified with vitamines A, E, panthenol, biotin and bioactive glass, so I’d be happy to use this as just a clear nail strengthener if I didn’t want to have colour on my nails. However, today I completed the look with two coats of ORLY nail lacquer in Toast The Couple (40004).



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