W7 Magic Camera Ready Anti Redness Primer

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I have cystic acne. For those of you who are lucky enough to not know what this is, it’s acne that consists of painful, red, under the skin bumps that never come to the surface. Unattractive, painful and no satisfaction of squeezing a spot! Thanks to my handy Quinoderm (see my previous review) I’ve managed to reduce the average spot life from about 7 days to about 4 and the average size from up to 1cm to a couple of mm’s. However, my face is still a red blotchy mess with acne scars and acne bumps dotted over my cheeks.

I’ve had my eye on Smashbox’s anti-redness primer for a while but what with Christmas and being a student, I haven’t been able to afford the £25 price tag, so when I was searching for alternatives and came up with W7 magic primer for £3.50, I figured I may as well give it a go.


So as you can see from the pictures, the primer didn’t make a huge difference in the redness of my bigger spots. In person, the lighter marks have gone slightly less pink but not a huge difference considering it is marketed as an anti-redness primer. I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone who wanted to visually reduce any discolouration in their skin. However, the actual quality of the primer is quite good considering how cheap it is. My skin feels nice and velvety, and my foundation does go on smoother than without any. I did moisturise my face like three times before using the primer, because my skin is so dry so I can’t say if there is an issue with it sticking to dry skin which I know is sometimes a problem with primers, but I think it is important to moisturise beforehand anyway.

I’ll carry on using this as a normal primer as it does the job of primer well. When I have money, I might try the Smashbox anti redness primer but to be honest, I doubt there is a product out there not of professional strength that will cope with my spots. When they say anti-red, I think they mean anti-very slightly baby pink!


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