Topshop Wishlist

If I was to describe my everyday style, it would be oversized and grungy. I don’t think I suit really girly or glam outfits, and when I do put an effort in to look chic I always get a dozen remarks on how ‘nice’ I look. Err, thanks guys. So I decided to make a dream outfit that I would feel comfortable in but still look elegant.

1. Coral Wool Boyfriend Coat £98 2.Petite Bead Necklace Lace Crop £28 3. Mike Brow Round Sunglasses £14 4. White MERCURY Lace Up Cut Out Boots £45 5.MOTO Bleach Acid Mom Jeans £40 6.Ditsy V Band Rings £5.50 7.Two Pack Point And Twist Midi Rings £6.50 8. Plain Pinky Ring £4.50 9. Heart Christening Bangle £60 10. Structured Colour Block Tote £95

I love the white and pink in this outfit; I think a white based outfit always looks really fresh and dainty. The mom jeans and the oversized boyfriend coat means that the outfit is still oversized and casual and the rose gold jewellery keeps it girly and cute. I’ve added the boxy tote bag in black and brown to add a touch of office glamour to the whole outfit so I look like I mean business. “Keeping it real”. Of course, there is no way I could afford this outfit in one go. Or in lots of goes, to be honest, but it’s nice to have inspiration for my next purchases. Which won’t be for a while as Christmas has drained me!



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