Temple Spa

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I’m at my boyfriends this weekend, and his mum has the biggest collection of Temple Spa products I have ever seen, all laid out in a nice pyramid in the bathroom. Luckily for me she said I can have a play with them all, so I spent a good fifteen minutes in the bathroom this morning pampering myself. I have quite sensitive skin, especially with my acne at the moment, but Temple Spa products claim to have no parabens or artificial colours, so I hope it won’t be too harsh using a whole range of products in one go.

First up was the Breakfast Smoothie exfoliator. This has quite a thick, gritty consistency, especially compared to cheaper exfoliators – you can definitely feel the top layer of skin being sloughed off! It is a little bit sensitive on my acne, but that feels due more to the exfoliating beads than the cream itself.


Next up is the In The Beginning deep cleansing melt. It describes itself as a hand blended facial. It is the same colour as beeswax, and is the consistency of coconut oil when it is half melted. This product feels so luxurious! It has tiny exfoliating beads that melt into the skin as you rub it in, and the cream heats up very slightly as you rub it in. It feels quite oily once on, but you can feel it absorbing into your skin before you wash it off.


Next I used the Be Strong strengthening treatment serum. This is a serum that is aimed for sensitive skin that needs a treat, and says to put it on before moisturiser. The serum itself has the consistency of a runny moisturiser, but the effects are amazing. My skin feels super soft and has a dewy glow! It is probably partially due to the previous products as well but my skin so far looks incredibly nourished.


I use the Be Firm ultimate lifting serum next. I’m pretty sure you’re only meant to use one serum at a time but it’s Friday, I’m feeling crazy! Haha. This serum is for treating fine lines and wrinkles, so if you could only afford one serum I would suggest this is for those worried about aging. It feels very soothing, especially around the eyes, and incredibly be skin does feel a bit firmer after use, and look a bit plumper. I’m not sure how convinced I am it can prevent long term aging but it is definitely a good pick me up for tired, dull skin!


The Be Still settling moisturiser was next in line It’s much thicker than the serums, and my skin feels very moisturised afterwards and remains looking plumped.


The other moisturiser of choice was Moisture Mattifying mattifying moisturiser. This is my ultiamte favourite Temple Spa product. It’s for oily or acne prone skin, or for people who prefer a lighter moisturiser. I love it because it works perfectly as a primer! I’d easily compare it to Smashbox primer that I’ve used before. Plus, with this you don’t have to worry about moisturising beforehand or those nasty little rough patches of skin that primer highlights. I genuinely love this so much!


I also used the All Talk moisturising lip balm. It has a similar consistency to the tubed Carmex. My lips look and feel incredibly plump afterwards, and they are completely smooth and devoid of dry skin. Perfect!


All in all I think these products are amazing. I personally couldn’t use them on a daily basis while I have acne because my skin is so sensitive, but when (if!) it ever clears I would definitely use the full range of products. Acne aside, my skin looked and felt super healthy and nourished, and because the serums and moisturisers were absorbed so easily by my skin, the routine would be quite simple and easy to fit in in the morning. I’m genuinely stroking my skin now admiring how smooth it is! It creates the perfect base for makeup, and those with naturally good skin could easily go out without makeup on after this.  There are a few products I didn’t use, because they were for rest days/ nights or deep treatment masks, but I’ll definitely be trying them out!


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